School Fees


 for the first 25 children registered with us 

 Only now you can have up to 40 % discount from the tuition fee.

Our school fees represent the best value amongst international schools in Romania. We have the lowest fees overall, including application fees, compared to other British style international schools in the country. There are no extras (‘campus’ or ‘development’ fees), and many of our extensive range of extra-curricular activities are free of charge.

ISO is a private, fee-paying school. School fees are revised annually by the Board in January each year. Fees may be payable in instalments by arrangement with the Finance Department.

School Fees for the Academic Year 2017/2018 for the new registered children

Year Group School Fees in Euro Promotional Prices in Euro
Kindergarten 7,000 4,300*
Primary School 8,000 4,900*

**School fee payment in four installments:
25% before 22nd June 2017
25% before 28 August 2017
25% before 29 November 2017
25% before 12 January 2018

Registration Fee
€300 registration fee is due upon submission of each student's application. The registration fee is non-refundable.

The tuition fee is per year, payable in four installments.
A 5% special discount is offered for full-payment of the one year’s fee within 10 workings days from signing the contract.
ISO offers a special discount for siblings as follows:

  • 2 siblings registered at the school-5%
  • 3 and more siblings registered at the school-10%

The following costs are in addition to school fee: uniform, external exams, some extracurricular activities and residential trips.

Book Fee (annual)
The book usage fee is €100 per student and is paid during registration.