#1 Cambridge School in Oradea | International School of Oradea

Last week we hosted a very important event for International School of Oradea community, ISO’s 1st anniversary. Besides being the first international school and completing our first year, there has been another update with our school’s accreditation and membership status. Officially we have become the first Cambridge school in our lovely Oradea.

This is a huge achievement for our school as it has a key role in the future of ISO. The ARACIP authorisation process can now go forward as we have another box ticked, from the requirements section. Other than this,being registered as a Cambridge school after only 8 months, assures the level of high standards we provide at ISO and it is also the proof that these standards are approved and recognized by an International body.

Other than these crucial advantages which our school already started to benefit from, visible with the increase in the registrations for the next academic year, this achievement of ISO has a vital importance also for the city of Oradea.

More than 10,000 schools in 160 countries have chosen to apply Cambridge curriculum and as a result thousands of Cambridge learners gain places at the world’s best universities, all over the world. Cambridge Assessment International Education, the institution who has approved our status of becoming a Cambridge school is part of one of these top universities, University of Cambridge and they share the same educational values. As they continuously invest in Education, Research and Services for schools as a non-profit organisation, there is one main outcome of their hard work; Excellence in Education.

The main advantages of the programme for the Cambridge learners in Oradea are:

  • Internationally recognised qualifications
  • Developing successful learners
  • Progressive and flexible programmes
  • Comprehensive support for schools

From my personal experience I would like to comment on these four points stated by Cambridge in an article on their website.

In the previous school where I also worked (International School of Bucharest) as a career and university counsellor, I was personally in charge of submitting application files to various universities from different parts of the world. When we were working on an application, our students having graduated ISB with Cambridge qualifications (IGCSE, AS/A Levels) was a great advantage for us as we could directly apply almost to all universities without any further exams or procedures. All top universities having this trust in the qualifications submitted by Cambridge is an important indicator of their excellence in education.

During the last years the number of international schools in Romania and the percentage of Romanian students within the international schools increased rapidly. I think the differences of the international programmes when compared with traditional systems has an important role in this significant change. It is not impossible to have successful learners even with the traditional systems however the rate of achieving this with a progressive and flexible programme; such as Cambridge Primary is a lot more higher. Which I think it is another fact to prove that the international programmes are fulfilling the needs of the modern world. This may seem as a strong argument, however I believe that the role of the school has changed a lot since the times when the traditional systems were first put in practice. In the world in which we are living today, reaching to an information it is not an issue anymore. From the very young ages the children of the society that we live in can reach any information and knowledge that they wish. As stated in our mission and philosophy, “We aim to develop a love of learning, which will remain with the individual long after the process of formal education has finished. ” Once a school can manage to develop this love of learning within the student, I think everyone would be confident in saying that there is not much to worry regarding the knowledge of the students. I think this can be a brief summary explaining one of the factors why there is an increasing interest shown by the local community towards the international schools. Having this alternative in different cities enriches the options available for different types of learners.

Other than this if they want to excel in certain areas, they can achieve this with the help of the traditional systems when they can focus mainly on a certain subject/area/exam and at the end get the temporary success which they aimed for. Temporary because the needs of today’s but especially future’s world are totally different. All the institutions,companies, more importantly the societies feel the need of people who have a say in more than one area, who are well developed in terms of personal skills and who are brave enough to come up with original solutions to critical problems which all the societies are facing time to time. The flexibility of the Cambridge programme just like many other international educational systems allows the teacher to be able to individualize their planning within the classroom. All these points at the end concludes to have very high levels of creativity within the schools where both students and teachers know that they can force their limits of creativity to explore themselves and at the end to contribute to global society in which we all live in.

We are proud to have our part in the contribution of our host city Oradea in becoming a stronger part of this global society and we appreciate deeply all the support and encouragement provided by different institutions but especially by the people of Oradea who have always been with us in this important process. Now with the love of learning which our school also has, we already started working for our next goals, to achieve the targets which we have set for ourselves in our 5 year strategic plan.

I would like to present my sincere thanks to all our partners, parents and the community of Oradea for the support given so far. Now it is the time to take tis collaboration further and to contribute for the promotion of excellence in education in Oradea.

Ahmet Dündar