Ahmet Dündar | International School of Oradea


Mr. Dündar is born in Izmir, Turkey. Has been living in Bucharest since 2000. Started a new experience in Oradea since June 2017.

Has graduated the University of Bucharest with Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and English-Spanish/ University of Bucharest MA Educational Management. Has worked at ISB for 8 years having various positions such as Spanish Teacher, Career Counsellor, Alumni Coordinator, Head of Sixth Form. Over the years he has obtained certifications in IB Spanish ab initio cat 1 certificate/ Edu Care Child protection Course. When it comes to passions travelling and watching football are the things which he enjoys the most. There is only one thing which he likes more, and that is spending time with his family. As an advice for his students and not only he mentions: “Choose the thing which you will enjoy doing it in your life. This has been the advice which I’ve given to all my students who asked my opinion regarding their academic plans. At the same time, this is the same motto which I try to apply in my life. Education is not a profession for me it is the lifestyle, it is the value which I keep on trying to make the aim of my life”