Chatzi Soumeira | International School of Oradea

Teacher Assistant

Soumeira is from Greece, she has been living in Bucharest since she was three years old. She studied at The International School of Bucharest (ISB).

She is about to get her Bachelor Degree from Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University in Foreign Languages and Literature in English-Turkish. She had the opportunity to work for Cambridge for 14 months of teaching English in state schools of Bucharest to classes 1-4. At the end of 14 months she took the TKT exam and eventually the TKT young learners certificate. Soumeira says that she loves to be with little children and that she is always impressed listening to their imagination. She believes that education is the key to everything in this world.

After living 19 years in Bucharest she got married and moved to Oradea with her husband. She is very excited to be here and to join the ISO family.