KS1 Teaching Assistant

My name is Dorotea Marina Pop and I live in Oradea. I am a passionate teacher and writer. I was born in a family that always encouraged me to be the best in what I do, but also to care about children and the people around me. During High School, I developed a passion for literature and teaching. Thus, I followed the Philology professional path studying at the Emanuel University of Oradea and obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Letters (Romanian – English – 2012) and a Master Degree (Types of Modernity in Anglophone and Francophone Spaces – 2014) at the University of Oradea which helped me to grow more in my passion for teaching and writing.

I have recently lived in Sweden where I have enriched my knowledge regarding different cultures. Throughout my life experiences I found out that life is a gift that must be cherished. I strongly believe that every child and every person is a gift and that teachers have the honour to open the gate of knowledge for these wonderful human beings.