ISO and the measurements implemented during pandemic times | International School of Oradea

Working in a pandemic year it`s a challenge for everybody. But when you have the right people in the right place it is very easy to manage the situation.

As a school, we have adapted to the requirements of the Local Public Health and as a first approach we fit into the green scenario where all the kids are physically present at school, with the possibility of having online courses for those families who choose this thing.

As a community we care a lot about our children`s health and this is the reason why we were very careful with the implemented measures. Some of these measures are:

The epidemiological triage (medical checks) of children is performed daily by the school nurse or other designated member of staff

The route through the courtyard of the unit to the entrance and inside are made on a well-defined and signaled corridor, respecting the rules of physical distance.

Staggered start and finish times are introduced to achieve social distancing for all stakeholders.

In KS2 children are required to wear masks, as per Romanian law.

All tables and relevant surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before and after children eat.

Students are to wash hands using soap and water or use hand sanitizer immediately before: leaving home, leaving the classroom, eating, touching one’s face, and leaving school.

Minimising contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring that those who have coronavirus symptoms (fever, cough, muscle pain, loss of smell and taste, diarrhea, headache, sore throat, difficult breathing), or who have someone in their household who does, do not attend the school for 7-14 days.

Staff and parents are consulted as part of the process to ensure everyone’s needs are understood and accounted for.


Written by Ms Tina Cheregi, ISO medical staff