AB Music Academy London has been proudly collaborating with the International School of Oradea for the ISO summer camps, where English natives came to Oradea to speak and have fun with the children. Stave House was also introduced as part of the music curriculum of the camp with a  great success.

AB Music Academy is founded by two musicians from Oradea who moved to London 11 years ago, therefore its collaboration with ISO and Oradea has a great meaning. ABMA is proudly rated as best 3 London music schools  in 2019.

Stave House is a method of teaching children to read, write and play music. It uses a magnetic board and magnetic characters to represent the notes on the stave, and the children learn musical notation through stories, games and songs.

With an experience of 30 years in stage show business and more than twenty years in TV entertainment, creator and performer of LA BLOC sitcom broadcast by PRO TV, Dragos Mostenescu  started a joint venture with AB Music Academy London, teaching drama and music. As a professional in both acting and music, he put on stage a kids musical named BOOK OF STORIES, which marked the fruitful collaboration with the Academy.

He is passionate and skilled in working with children, as he has three of his own.