I am very excited to be joining ISO and being part of the family. My name is Nida Ahmed and I am from the UK. I have over 10 years of teaching experience in Early Years and in Lower Primary. I have worked in England, Qatar, UAE and Cluj.

I have a BSc (hons) degree in Psychology and quickly realised that I wanted to work with children and make a positive difference to their lives. I worked in both primary and special needs schools to gain experience to pursue a postgraduate degree in Education.  

My vision is that children have fun learning and learn whilst having fun in the school of life. As Tamara L. Chilver, quotes, “adding FUN to learning creates the best educational experience.” It is essential that a child’s school experience is personalised, ensuring that their talents and skills allow them to flourish. I adhere to the ISO philosophy of ensuring that children are prepared for the future. I believe this can be achieved through a rounded education; that enables children the independence to think for themselves, problem solve and take risks. Thus creating a culture to learn from mistakes and become better, as this is all part of the learning journey.

I look forward to working with the children, parents and the whole staff, as I believe in the importance of positive relationships and working in partnership together.