Director’s Welcome

Dear parents,

ISO is a school that prides itself on the warmth of its welcome to children and parents from around the world. I hope that our website will convey something of this quality to you.

The multi-national community which will be represented at ISO by pupils and their families as well as staff, will help to create a learning environment which fosters a global understanding and appreciation of each other and the variety of cultures we bring to the school daily.

We are hoping to be proud of the high academic standards which will be obtained by our children, and encourage them to achieve their best in all aspects of the curriculum. We promote the values of caring, self discipline, respect, humour, a love of learning and a sense of discovery which are all so important to the adults of the future, who will soon be shaping our world.

This then comes as a warm welcome to ISO from me and from all of our staff and students who are always eager to make you a part of a very special school community.