Mission and Philosophy

Learn, Respect, Succeed

The International School of Oradea provides each student with a broad, balanced British-style education in a safe and supportive environment.

We promote an enjoyment of learning, creativity and excellence whilst working in close harmony with our diverse community.

We strive to develop the skills in our pupils which will enable them to become independent, respectful and caring adults who will be successful and contribute to global society.


Philosophy and Objectives

The philosophy at the International School of Oradea:

  • We believe that all our pupils and staff are unique human beings, capable of spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical growth and development.
  • We value truth, freedom, justice, human rights, the law and collective effort for the common good.
  • We believe that pupils need to be taught to learn and build on new skills and develop socially.
  • We value families as sources of love and support for all their members, and as the basis of a society in which people care for others.
  • We believe we should respect the people, places and environment around us.
  • We wholly believe that pupils learn to value and treat others with respect, not only for what they have but also for what we can do for them.
  • We recognise and celebrate achievement.
  • We believe relationships are fundamental to the development and fulfilment of ourselves and others, and for the good of both the local and wider international community.

The objectives at the International School of Oradea:

  • We develop a love of learning, which will remain with the individual long after the process of formal education has finished.
  • We provide a balanced and broad curriculum for all pupils of different abilities and needs in Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary
  • We offer a range of extracurricular activities and trips to broaden the experience of school for our pupils and to enrich their learning of academic and social skills.
  • We plan for cross-curricular learning, supported by advancements in technology wherever possible to enhance the learning of our pupils.
  • We provide our pupils with a stimulating and caring environment in which to learn and where the development of the whole child is a priority.
  • We actively encourage our pupils to develop as independent learners who can make positive choices for their own learning and development.
  • We fully encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education and development.
  • We reward the achievements of all members of our school community for their successes.
  • Our pupils are members of their local community and of our host country, Romania. We recognize our students come from a multitude of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. We, therefore, seek to provide a secular education that reflects and draws from this diversity by embracing the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship.


Approved by: SMT                                    Date: June 2017

Reviewed: All Staff                                    Date: December 2018