Secondary School

Our school is a vibrant, warm and inspiring place for children to learn. Our highly skilled teachers are developing the children’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them, from a very young age. We do our best to engage children’s intrinsic desire to learn and we hope this will remain throughout their lives.

Welcome to our Secondary School!!!

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Key Stage 3 (KS3)

Key Stage 3 incorporates the first 3 years of secondary school (Years 7 – 9). Our curriculum follows the English National Curriculum by providing a broad, balanced, education which is enhanced by the Cambridge Lower Secondary program in English, Maths and Science. Students will build on and consolidate the skills and knowledge which they have learnt in the Primary School. This will prepare them for the demands of the examination courses they follow in Key Stage 4 and 5. Students are taught in mixed ability classes for all subjects except English.

The Key Stage 3 program of study develops the key skills enabling our students to embrace lifelong learning required for our ever-changing globalized world. Key Stage 3 acts as a transition phase between the primary education and the onset of courses leading to external examinations (GCSEs and the A Levels).

Early in Year 9, students have the opportunity to sit an on-line careers and aptitude test which allows students to gain an idea of how their interests and academic skills match with possible careers.

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The National Curriculum in England

Each subject comes with a clear set of learning objectives, so you know exactly what content to cover and which skills to develop:

We encourage teaching practice that engages students in their own learning, and offer teaching resources and professional development to help you do this. The curriculum and progression All Cambridge Lower Secondary subjects include a set of learning objectives that provide a structure for teaching and learning. We divide learning objectives into clearly sequenced areas called ‘strands’.

Check out the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum

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An individual approach

In our school we treat our students as individuals, focusing on the uniqueness of each one. We also strive to understand their specific needs and situations. For us, the student and his needs are at the heart of the educational process. At ISO, we believe that education must be tailored to the student’s abilities and interests, with an emphasis on preparing him for the future, rather than forcing the student to adapt to an educational system.

We appreciate that moving to a new country can be a difficult time for parents and children alike, and that the challenge of learning a new language can cause extra concerns. We are here to listen to those concerns and to help you and your child settle into school as quickly and smoothly as possible and this process starts from the very first time that you contact the admissions department.

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What is the EAL programme used for?

Learning English as a foreign language is different to learning English in a school where all the lessons are taught in English. Your child has to learn English to communicate (social purposes) and also English for all the different subjects (academic purposes).

Students who are new to learning English will begin by learning vocabulary needed to express their everyday needs and for normal school life. This will then be built upon as they progress and gain in knowledge and confidence.

The level of support given to EAL beginners will be more intense when they first join ISO and a wide range of resources will be used to support learning.

The children also need to be able to work in their classroom on the same lessons as their classmates. Of course this is not easy when you are at the early stages of understanding and using English. So the class teachers differentiate the lessons to enable all children to take part.

A few examples of this are:

  • being given a different text to be read;
  • Asking the child to work on the same learning objective but in a different way;
  • asking a fluent user of English to record another child’s ideas for them;
  • asking a child/adult to translate;

These are just a few of many different ways!

The EAL teachers also work in classrooms with the class teacher. The EAL teacher will focus on the English language development and the class teacher the subject content. Together they meet the needs of an EAL learner.

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Helping your child

Student wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

At ISO we not only look after the academic progress and achievement of our children, but also regard emotional, physical health, mental health and wellbeing as a top priority. As such, we have developed and established a network of support, advice and care that enables children to flourish emotionally and socially, which will in turn help them to thrive academically.

Our pastoral structure is such that no child will have to look too far before finding the support they need. At all times parents are part of that support framework by working in close partnership with the school via their child’s class teacher, Wellbeing Leader, Deputy Headteacher, Headteacher or Director, who will make themselves available to talk in confidence about any concerns should they arise.

There is a fully trained school nurse available throughout the school day to assist should a child fall ill or have an accident and become physically injured or hurt.

Our school fees represent the best value amongst international schools in Romania. We have the lowest fees overall, including application fees, compared to other British style international schools in the country. There are no extras (‘campus’ or ‘development’ fees), and many of our extensive range of extracurricular activities are free of charge. ISO is a private, fee-paying school. School fees are revised annually by the Board. Fees may be payable in installments by arrangement with the Finance Department.

School Fees for the Academic Year 2024/2025

Option 1

  • 8:15 - 15:00
  • 500 € registration fee
  • Book/Resource Fee (annual) - 300 €
  • *The price is calculated in EURO (8160 € / year)

Option 2

  • 8:15 - 15:00
  • 500 € registration fee
  • Book/Resource Fee (annual) - 300 €
  • *The price is calculated in EURO (8590 € / year)

Option 3

payment in 5 equal installments
  • 8:15 - 15:00
  • 500 € registration fee
  • Book/Resource Fee (annual) - 300 €
  • *The price is calculated in EURO (9235 € / year)

*14:50 -16:50 Free ISO clubs and educational trips included in the school tax.
**The school fees do not include the external clubs and touristic trips

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There are no additional charges or “campus” fees, and many of the extracurricular activities we offer are free of charge.​

At ISO we strongly believe in the importance of adhering to and of sharing the values of a Community. This is why the school uniform is mandatory in primary education.

You can also benefit from school transport services, which we organize together with “MyDeck”, the only premium transport service in western Romania, because your child's safety is a priority to us. ​

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At ISO we accept applications throughout the academic year, based on space availability. We welcome boys and girls of all races, religions and cultures. If you need more details or wish to pay us a visit, please let us know and we will come back to you as soon as possible.