Anamaria Szilagyi

Assistant Head

My name is Anamaria Szilagyi and I live in Oradea with my husband and our two children. I have a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and it was while I was studying for my Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy that I discovered the love of working with children. During this time I was a part of a team working to prevent bullying in schools in Oradea.

I have also worked as a Psychologist in an Orphanage and furthered my studies with diplomas in Anger and anger management, The use of therapy through artistic expression with children and special needs children, Intervention in mourning, Identifying trauma and addiction and Language disorders and speech therapy.

As well as working in Nursery, I am currently taking post-university classes in psycho pedagogy.

I believe that the key ingredients of success are passion and perseverance.