Anamaria Ungur

Head of Romanian

Hello ! My name is Ungur Anamaria. I have been working for ISO for more than 3 years. I have started working alongside teacher Carmen Brehoi as her Teacher Assistant for Early Years and I have enjoyed it very much. I learned that games are very important for this age group and that the children were encouraged to be independent and to respect the others.My next experience was as a teacher assistant in Primary for KS2 alongside teacher Ebony where I have learned how learning can be done in a fun way, how the children were encouraged to be independent and to work in groups, to help and support each other. How they were participating and taking charge of their learning and also to establish their learning targets. Recently, I have been working since September until now as a Teacher Assistant in Nursery alongside Cristina Sabau , where I’ve learned that at this such young age, learning is always fun, that learning involves all the senses when doing an activity like taste, feel, visual and audio materials were always part of their way of knowing and exploring  the reality better.