Soumeira Chatzi Chousein

Teacher/ ECA Coordinator

Hello, my name is Soumeira and I am from Greece, I have been living in Bucharest since I was three years old and moved to Oradea after getting married. I am really happy to have the opportunity of being in such an amazing city. I was a student in The International School of Bucharest (ISB) through Year 1-13. My Bachelor’s Degree is from Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University in Foreign Languages and Literature in English-Turkish. I had the opportunity to work for Cambridge for 14 months of teaching English in state schools of Bucharest to classes 1-4. At the end of 14 months I took the TKT exam and eventually qualified for the TKT young learners certificate.

I love to be with children, make memories impossible to forget and have a role in their impressive imagination. I think being able to touch their souls is extremely special. 

I believe that education is the key to every single thing in this world.

I am very happy and extremely proud to be a part of the ISO family.