Cătălin Vesa

RE Teacher

“They say you can never ask a child to go at the same pace as a big man. A child has a child’s step. If you want to go with him, you need to go on his own rhythm, you must understand his helplessness; you do not ask him things that you did not do either when you were a child, nor could you have done.’; ” – Father Teofil Paraian

The Religion teacher must be a bigger brother, an adviser, a guide and even a friend

devoted to the pupils, within the natural limits of the difference in age, training, and status.

As a second university graduate for a period I did not know what way to follow. Fortunately, I think I finally found my mission as a religion teacher and it chose me more than I chose it, because I never felt it a burden.

As a professor of religion, professionalism, optimism and enough humor is needed to be able to appeal to the students.

For me the teaching activity is a miracle, a blessing, a joy, and I want it to continue as long as it is possible. May this blessing flow into the hearts of all students.