Summer School 2022 at the International School of Oradea

Together we build memories and develop your child’s creativity!

Between June 27 and July 22, our school organised the summer school 2022 edition for a number of about 100 children. 

Ten of our teachers have joined the children in this adventure of knowledge. Each week had a theme around which all activities were carried out. The first week was about the planets, the solar system, the stars – Under the Stars. The second week was about the creatures in the water – Under the Sea. In the third week, children traveled around the world – Around the World theme. And the fourth week brought out the spirit of children’s competition through Summer Olympics Week.

Last year, in the summer school we had a series of interactive and fun activities for children: scientific experiments with water, earth (rocks), fire (yes, yes 🙂 ), air, we did pottery, painted like big artists do, cooked with and without fire, wrote a newspaper, went to visit the Museum, the Zoo, and the terrarium, washed a carpet, did some gardening. All in an international and multicultural environment. This year the children have participated in a range of activities such as reading, sensory activities, exploration activities, DIY, music and dance, drawing, and cooking activities (no fire, of course). Depending on the age of the children, there were maths games, board games, creative writing, scientific experiences, and mindfulness activities.

At the Summer School have participated children outside of our school, as well. It was the perfect opportunity for their parents to figure out if the international environment and the British curriculum fit them.

The parents together with us had the opportunity to give their children the chance to learn and practice English through interactive and fun activities designed to develop their creativity and curiosity. Also, the parents had the freedom to choose the length of the programme (short (8:30 to 12:30 AM) or long (8:30 to 16:00)), the duration from 1 week to 4 weeks and they could start during any of the weeks of the programme.

On the last day of summer school, parents and children, and teachers gathered around lemonade and coffee and talked about the pluses and minuses of the programme. We appreciate very much each feedback as it will help us to become better at organising the next year`s summer school. 

We wish you a happy summer and see you in the autumn!

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