International School of Oradea starts using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in the teaching and learning process 

International School of Oradea this year celebrates 5 years of promoting the enjoyment of learning, creativity and excellence in education. We are glad to be the first Romanian school to start using Century`s AI technology in the teaching and learning process. Our aim is to develop our pupils’ skills for becoming the responsible and caring leaders of tomorrow.

Century is the award-winning AI teaching and learning platform for schools, colleges and universities across the world. The platform uses artificial intelligence, neuroscience and learning science to create personalized educational pathways for students. By using Artificial Intelligence, the platform learns how each student is learning and is providing them with nuggets of knowledge either to fill in the gaps or to challenge them in learning more.

Century is about intelligent learning and supercharging learning through personalisation. 

Century uses the Cambridge system, which our school is using alongside the British Curriculum.

How it works?

The students log onto the program and start with a diagnostic test. This test offers a baseline view of the topics that will be addressed in a particular subject. The system then recognises the gaps in knowledge in each learner and recommends content (called “nuggets”) to help them with the retention of knowledge. The teachers have access to all the data from the diagnostic tests and can tailor the curriculum to address the needs of the classroom.

The students can go through the nuggets independently or with the teacher. This is a great aspect of the platform because it supports independent learning and parent-school-student collaboration. The platform allows teachers and parents to see how a student is progressing. The research conducted by Century is showing that using the system improves a student’s understanding of a topic by 30%.

The Benefits of Century

Century represents the future of Education and intelligent learning and we are proud to be piloting the usage of this platform in our school! The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of technology in the learning process.

The main benefits of this system are:


Accelerates learning – Intelligent personalisation improves student engagement and understanding

  • Instantly identifies and plugs students’ gaps in knowledge
  • Pinpoints and addresses misconceptions
  • Creates a constantly adapting path with learning content tailored for each student


Reduces workload – Saves teachers hours in marking, analysis and resource creation


Offers instant access to their child’s performance board and it empowers them in supervising their child’s individual learning process, transforming them into active partners of the school.

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