What if your child were happy to go to school?

That would be a beautiful dream, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s true for the kids who come to ISO. Last week we organized an Open Day, starting at 4.30 pm. And this idea, the child comes to school with joy, was put forward both by our teachers and by our parents who participated in the event and guided the parents interested in our model of education.

At ISO we believe that learning depends on the child’s wellbeing, and the child’s wellbeing also depends on the emotions s/he feels in the morning when s/he has to come to school. How can we raise children who become balanced and independent adults who are successful and contribute to the society in which we live? Simple. We provide children with a learning environment based on a balanced school curriculum, consisting of subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, and a range of subjects such as: Economic Education, Personal Development and Health Education. Our educational model contributes to the development of the child through holistic education in the field of linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, aesthetic and creative arts.

During the first days after enrolling in our school we focus on the child to adapt to our school, and there are a few simple things that make the difference: the child finds out where and when the parent comes and takes him, where is the classroom where s/he learns, where is the toilet , where to eat, what are the expectations and learning objectives. Our children come to our school with confidence, and as time goes on, they become more confident în themselves.

Collaborative learning is a feature in all classrooms (where possible) and in the playground, where students socialize and play together. The school promotes and enhances a sense of unity and “family”. Cultural development through lessons and extracurricular activities helps children to be more aware of the world in which we live in. We believe it is important to understand the challenges that people in other parts of the world face. For example, we had an activity when our children learned about the drinking water crisis in Africa and had the opportunity to correspond with children over there.

Our school includes children from nursery to Gymnazium, following the British International Curriculum. Starting with the school year 2022-2023, our school will organize primary level classes in Romanian as well, which are based on the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education, supplemented by English language classes every day, as well as activities and good practices from the British system.

If you are wondering whether children can move from one line of education to another, this is possible at any time. We pursue the interest of the pupils and we want to be able to support the individual potential as well.

ISO is a Cambridge and British School Overseas accredited school, which means that our students follow the British school curriculum, and our pupils’ diplomas are recognized as if they were studying at any school in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In addition, our school is licensed by the Ministry of Education, which means that the pupils have the diplomas and periods of study completed recognized under the same conditions as the pupils who have studied in the UK.

Especially for our pupils, we organize a series of daily extracurricular activities through NextGen Clubs from sports activities, language classes or arts and crafts.

The International School of Oradea was established in 2017 through the collaboration between the Lumina Foundation – the organization that has been supporting education for over 25 years and owns 11 schools in Romania, and the Oradea City Hall – through the Local Development Agency. Our school accepts enrollment throughout the school year within the available places. The Open Day is the best opportunity to get to know us. The second best opportunity is to schedule a visit to our school at: +40 770 903 819.

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