A self-confident child is a child who has been allowed to do various activities on his own

When we set out to organize the second edition of the NextGen conference on June 4 at Ramada Hotel, we wondered what theme would be valuable and of interest to parents. So, after a brainstorming session we thought that self-confidence should be the central theme.

We then started to think about which speakers we would like to have impart wisdom and inspire us with their ideas and energy. We got to work, we contacted them, and look at the nice list we got:

  • Mihaela Tatu – moderator și Communications trainer
  • Otilia Mantelers – psychologist, author of children’s books
  • Ana Maria Ivan – blogger, author of children’s books
  • Hedi Hoka – psychologist, bestselling author of “I love being a woman”
  • Robert Malone – instructor Shichida method
  • Ebony Ellis – teacher, Deputy Director ISO – international line

We also talked to our teachers about what parents can do to have a child that is self-assured. And I got very useful ideas, just ripe to put into practice.

Ms Carmen tells us that it is very important to let our children try new things and not to find explanations for why they might not be able to do what they want. Often, we don’t let our children do certain activities out of certain fears: Not to fall, not to get dirty, not to get hurt, not to be disappointed if they don’t get it out. It would be good to support our children to be independent and make mistakes. We learn from mistakes. Mistakes are good, as long as they help us grow.

In order to help our children to trust themselves, it is important:

  • Show your love
  • Model confidence yourself
  • Don’t get upset about mistakes
  • Encourage them to try new things
  • Allow kids to fail
  • Praise perseverance
  • Help kids find their passion
  • Set goals

Ms Cristina tells us that it is necessary to create a connection with the child, to accept them as their are and to be with them regardless of the situation. Ms Salomeea also tells us that we need to support our children and feel that we are with them, no matter what. It is good to be open parents and talk to them on any topic. And to be an example for them to follow.

In our school we focus on showing them that “It can’t be done, does not exist.” There is “I can’t YET.” We teach children to try first and then to ask for help. It is important to encourage children to do small things appropriate for their age: wash their hands, put back their shoes or toys, eat by themselves, try new foods. It is also important to appreciate the efforts of children. In our school, we encourage children to focus on completing the activities they engage in. Striving is more important than progress. Our children feel that their teachers trust them.

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Our partners for this event are: EBM PAPSTClinicile Dr. LeahuShichida RomâniaInter Broker de asigurareMaia Language ClubPrintshop OradeaBencomp. And the Media partner is Bihon.ro.

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