Mihaela Tatu – Speaker at NextGen Conference 2022

Mihaela Tatu – Speaker at NextGen Conference 2022

We don’t know if Mihaela Tatu needs any more introduction, but we want to tell you that for us she is an inspiration on how you can reinvent yourself. Several times in life, even! And you can’t do this job if you don’t trust yourself. Mihaela tells us that self-confidence comes from action. In the lines below you can read the interview with her. We hope that in this way we will convince you to join us at the conference. More details about the conference can be found here.

What is self-confidence to you? Do you think there is a difference between self-esteem and self-confidence?

Any man when he begins to consciously become acquainted with this world begins to dream of what he would like. And when the dream gains so much power that it becomes restless and seems to hurt, it means that there is an objective, that it has a goal that (s)he wants to achieve. Who wants to live in the anxiety and sadness of unfulfillment out of convenience or lack of confidence in their own potential?!

Self-confidence for me means life itself. To live fulfilled I need a meaning/purpose, a lot of knowledge/ training and the courage and curiosity to act. I have no way of knowing if I can do a thing if I don’t do it. So, it means the courage and joy of living a fulfilling and meaningful life. For me, there is no difference between self-confidence and self-esteem. There is a strong bond and a guiding thread. They generate one after the other. You gain self-confidence when you know your own strengths. When you know what you are capable of after you have tried and succeeded in doing what you set out to do. And then self-esteem appears, which, kept within the parameters of humility, “straightens you up” by discovering the dignity of a job well done, with dedication and enthusiasm.

How can we help our children become self-confident? How important is self-confidence in living a balanced and meaningful life?

By personal example above all. You, as a parent, want to be better precisely to set an example for the being who is related to you up to a certain age. Then through education and knowledge. An informed man is a strong man. We just need to train our children to discern and filter information. This will give them confidence in you as a parent and in themselves. Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

You can have self-confidence even when you do reckless things. Education gives you a balanced and meaningful life. And here comes the collaboration between some responsible and aware parents and some dedicated and enthusiastic teachers.

How do you think developing our own communication skills can help us increase our self-confidence? How close is the connection between communication, self-esteem and self-confidence?

I will start with the answer to the last question. It is essential!

Regardless of the development of communication technology, the speech will remain the most important means of communication. Speaking led to the development of the ability to think and not the other way around. And yet, Communication is not just talking. Communication is a process of transmitting information that calls on a number of factors. Following the transmission of information when we have the appreciation of an audience, schoolmates or our own child (depending on the circumstance) it is normal for our self-esteem to increase. And we start a new action with more confidence in our own strengths. And yet, we Romanians are not great masters in the Art of Conversation. Conversation and not gossip. They don’t teach that in school. And you don’t learn in school how to discover your passion or the meaning of life, how to think detachedly, analytically, on your own. Or how to manage your emotions or deal with failure. Simply, to deal with life and the situations you will face. And maybe that’s why “Conversation is the dialogue between two arts. The art of understanding and the art of making yourself understood”. To be silent, to listen and to learn, so that later when the time comes, to apply it.

When you communicate, magically and memorably convey information, you increase your confidence in your own strengths and automatically in yourself. Effective communication is the basis of everything we manifest. In the beginning was the Word…

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